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PN 400900
Fits most American made vehicles.

Your price $9.95

PN 400910
Fits most Asian, Audi and Volkswagen vehicles

Your Price $9.95

PN 400920
Fits Mercedes and BMW vehicles

Your Price $9.95


PN 400922
BMW short screw set

Also fits Mini vehicles


Your Price $9.95

Please make sure your paypal account is up to date with address changes etc. It is always helpful to have a phone number in case we have a problem filling your order. You can put your phone number in the comment box at paypal checkout. Your information is not shared with any other party and is only used if needed for this order.

Shipping Charges will be added at checkout as follows:

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Within United States:

Shipping Charges
within U.S.
1 $3.00
2 - 4 $6.00
5 - 8 $8.00
8 or more

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Canada and U.S. Territories (Puerto Rico, Guam etc.)

Shipping Charges
Shipping Charges
U.S. Territories
(1-2 kits) = $10.00 usd
(1 kit) = $6.00
(3 kits) = $21.00 (2 - 3 kits) = $12.00
(4-12 kits) = $29.00 (4 - 9 kits) = $16.00

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(10 -12 kits) = $19.00

Other international orders: Please contact us before ordering. We will get a shipping price for you and directions for payment.

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Law enforcement agencies: We offer special bulk buy programs for your department buys. Some municipalities are offering the Plate Keeper™ to their residents as part of an overal theft prevention program.




You need to protect your vehicles' identity too!