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License Plate Theft Facts

A search of the internet will find many stories relating to license plate theft. There are several theories as to why thieves steal license plates, but what we know for sure is that license plate theft is a growing problem.

Several police departments from around the country have contacted us for information about our kits so they can provide victims of license plate theft a solution to the problem. Some law enforcement agencies have even purchased large quatities of our kits to distribute in their communities.

Fact 1: Prevention works!

Thieves are not necessarily wanting YOUR license plate, they just want A license plate. If yours is harder to steal than the next one, they will leave yours alone. The key is to make yours theft resistant.

Fact 2: Thieves steal license plates for a variety of reasons.

Some may deny that license plate theft is tied to gasoline theft. Perhaps that is true, but since most law enforcement agencies have no way of tying gasoline theft and license plate theft together statistically, no one knows for sure. What they can show, however, is the number of incidents of license plate theft is increasing. Bottom line is if your plates are stolen, does it really matter why? You're still stuck with the hassle and expense of getting new plates. Better to protect your license plates before it happens.

Fact 3: Toll road transponders are also popular targets.

Some vehicles mount the toll road transponder, such as an E-Z Pass, on the front license plate. This makes them E-Z targets for thieves! Once they have your transponder, they rack up hundreds of dollars in fees leaving you responsible for not only their tolls, but your tolls as well since you no longer have a transponder on your vehicle!

Fact 4: License plate security is easy!

It is very easy to replace your license plate screws with our security head screws. Once installed, removing our screws without the special tool is very difficult, so thieves are likely to look for an easier target.


There are certainly many reasons why you should protect your vehicles' identity. Don't wait until it has already happened, order our Plate Keeper™ security kit today! Order here.





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