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Mini Vehicle License Plate Screws

Most Mini cars will require our kit PN 400922.

Screw length of PN 400922 is 12mm (about 1/2").

Longer 16mm (about 5/8") screws are also available. (PN 400920) if you have a thick license plate frame on your car.

Note: Mini owners should check the screws on the front of the car if your state or province requires a front plate. Some dealers install a bracket on the front and use sheet metal type screws to fasten the plate. In this case, we can supply you with a mixed screw kit.

We can probably supply the screw length you need. Contact us if you don't see what you need here.


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It only takes a screwdriver and 30 seconds to steal your vehicles identity!


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You need to protect your vehicles' identity too!

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