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It only takes a screwdriver and 30 seconds to steal your vehicles identity!

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What Happens Once Your Plates Are Gone?

  • Best Case- You notice that they are missing, notify the DMV and buy new plates.
  • Worst Case- You get a huge bill from the toll road authority for tolls you didn't pay since your transponder was stolen because you've been paying for the thieves tolls!
  • OR, you get a call from the police accusing you of committing a crime because your stolen plate was on the bad guys car!!
  • Either way, you are stuck with the hassles of explaining why you need new plates, and paying for them!
To see a short video on how easily a thief can steal your license plates, click here.
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This site is dedicated to helping prevent license plate theft.

Why Do Thieves Steal License Plates?

  • To get your EZ Pass or other toll road transponder.
  • To disguise their vehicle identity when committing a crime such as stealing gas or robbing a store.
  • Because they're too lazy to renew their own license tags.
We also offer a special program for law enforcement departments!
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This car has an E-Z Pass license plate
mounted transponder with
Plate Keeper™ security!

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securing your toll road pass!

The Plate Keeper™ is not affiliated with
any transponder manufacturer, but is compatible
with all license plate mounted units.


What Can You Do To Protect Your Vehicles Identity

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